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  1. Adding #include "msp430.h" to the top of the file worked. I did not try to include the defined flash macro. Thanks for the help! -Cody
  2. Hi All, I am using Energia 0101E0012, MSP430G2553, Launchpad G2 Rev 1.4, on a mac. When I run the example MspFlash program, it appears like I erase and write to flash correctly, but when I try to read the "Hello World" written into flash, the only thing that prints out is
  3. Hi All, I am trying to use the AIR430BoostFCC library using the MSP430G2452 uC on the Launchpad. It appears that the library does not play well with this particular uC. The code will run until I call the Radio.begin() function, at which point it stops. Perhaps this is because the G2452 has a USI SPI interface and not a USCI? The MSP430G2553 seems to work correctly (with USCI), but not the G2452. Previously I had a problem compiling code using the AIR430BoostFcc library, which was fixed but the problem had something to do with the defines for USI SPI. That post is here. Perhaps there ar
  4. That did the trick, thanks! Also, I discovered that you must include SPI.h before AIR430BoostFCC.h or it throws the compile error I showed in my hello world program above. When using the sketch/import buttons, the AIR430BoostFCC.h is included before SPI.h and gives the error. I am sure you could explain why this happens (I have not investigated it), but I thought I would let you all know! The correct include order is: #include <SPI.h> #include <AIR430BoostFCC.h> Thanks again!
  5. Hi Everyone! I am trying to use the AIR430 Booster pack, MSP430G2452 uC and programming it with Energia 0101E0012 on a Mac. If I simply try to compile the examples given in energia (for example, WirelessMonitorSensor), I get a compile error as follows: /Applications/Energia.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/msp430/libraries/AIR430BoostUSAFCC/utility/Platform.cpp: In function 'void A110x2500SpiRead(unsigned char, unsigned char*, unsigned char)': /Applications/Energia.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/msp430/libraries/AIR430BoostUSAFCC/utility/Platform.cpp:84:28: error: 'SPIMISO_SET_MO
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