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    uberscientist reacted to Rickta59 in msp430-elf-gcc errors on builtin SR function   
    $ grep VECTOR msp430g2755.h #define TIMER0_B1_VECTOR TIMERB1_VECTOR /* Int. Vector: Timer B CC1-2, TB */ #define TIMER0_B0_VECTOR TIMERB0_VECTOR /* Int. Vector: Timer B CC0 */ #define TIMER1_A1_VECTOR ( 1) /* 0xFFE0 Timer1_A CC1-4, TA1 */ #define TIMER1_A0_VECTOR ( 2) /* 0xFFE2 Timer1_A CC0 */ #define PORT1_VECTOR ( 3) /* 0xFFE4 Port 1 */ #define PORT2_VECTOR ( 4) /* 0xFFE6 Port 2 */ #define TRAPINT_VECTOR ( 5) /* 0xFFE8 TRAPINT */ #define ADC10_VECTOR ( 6) /* 0xFFEA ADC10 */ #define USCIAB0TX_VECTOR ( 7) /* 0xFFEC USCI A0/B0 Transmit */ #define USCIAB0RX_VECTOR ( 8) /* 0xFFEE USCI A0/B0 Receive */ #define TIMER0_A1_VECTOR ( 9) /* 0xFFF0 Timer0_A CC1, TA0 */ #define TIMER0_A0_VECTOR (10) /* 0xFFF2 Timer0_A CC0 */ #define WDT_VECTOR (11) /* 0xFFF4 Watchdog Timer */ #define COMPARATORA_VECTOR (12) /* 0xFFF6 Comparator A */ #define TIMERB1_VECTOR (13) /* 0xFFF8 Timer B CC1-6, TB */ #define TIMERB0_VECTOR (14) /* 0xFFFA Timer B CC0 */ #define NMI_VECTOR (15) /* 0xFFFC Non-maskable */ #define RESET_VECTOR ("reset") /* 0xFFFE Reset [Highest Priority] */   Seems like you are using the wrong vector name for that chip.
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    uberscientist reacted to pabigot in msp430-elf-gcc errors on builtin SR function   
    Just for grins, try specifying a void return type on your function definition, and play around with the order of the return type and attribute declaration and the function declaration. It may be that the attribute is being associated with the implicit int return type, not with the function itself.
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    uberscientist reacted to spirilis in msp430-elf-gcc errors on builtin SR function   
    I replied in your e2e thread, try taking off the double underscores flanking the "interrupt" keyword (but keep them around "attribute").
    edit: nevermind, just saw your e2e reply, it didn't work... I am not sure why, that is odd though. I may experiment with this later if I find time.
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    uberscientist got a reaction from bluehash in FatFS on MSP430G2744   
    I finally got a MSP430G2755 -- and it worked!  I guess 1KB RAM is just not enough for the full FatFS, PetitFS seemed to work fine fwiw.
    I had to remove the 
    -Wl,--gc-sections line from the linker options, but after that it worked.
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    uberscientist reacted to pabigot in FatFS on MSP430G2744   
    Just a reminder: in addition to a 43oh FatFS port that I believe @@bluehash has made available somewhere around here, I maintain a github repository that tracks all releases of FatFS and Petit FatFS and the sample code, including patches, updated whenever I happen to remember. This may be useful to people who want to see how it changes over time, since ChaN only publishes packaged releases. (For example, R0.10 introduced an API change to f_mount.)
    BSP430 has an example fatfs interface that may also be useful, as the FatFS sample package dropped the generic example back in 2013.
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    uberscientist reacted to greeeg in FatFS on MSP430G2744   
    I used fatFS on one of my very first MSP430 projects.
    From memory I was having a hard time until I enabled the 'packed structs' gcc option.
    gcc was trying to space out my RAM to make accesses word aligned and quicker, but that broke stuff inside the library, as it needs to maintain the exact structure when writing to the filesystem.
    Also, I might be wrong. but I think TI's ez430f5529 ( http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-exp430f5529 ) used fatFS in it's example code.
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    uberscientist got a reaction from spirilis in Hello from Arizona   
    I joined today because I felt like I should since I've been using the MSP430 for a few months now.
    This is the project blog using an MSP430G2744 in a datalogging application.  It's a new value line chip that is very similar to the MSP430F2274 it's just lacking the opamp peripheral as far as I can see and is about $3 cheaper at qty. 1.
    ANYWAY, just posting because I saw I could participate in the raffle for the electronic paper.  I've had some ideas for e-paper
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