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    Roger got a reaction from jetaudio in Serial Monitor/Serial.print() issue   
    You may want to add the code that blinks the leds along with your serial print that way you know you program is running.
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    Roger reacted to energia in Serial Monitor/Serial.print() issue   
    If you have not already done so then you will have to adjust the jumpers on J3. Depending on which version you will have to cross connect RX/TX (v1.4) or place them horizontal (v1.5). For v1.5 the PCB has instructions for how to place the jumpers for hardware vs software UART.
    See detailed pictures on the following page: http://energia.nu/Guide_MSP430LaunchPad.html
    Make sure that you are referencing the pictures for v1.4 or v1.5 with MSP430G2553.
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