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  1. I went ahead and changed the port definitions in the header file from GPIO_PORT(LETTER)_BASE to the exact port, i.e: GPIO_PORT3_BASE. I also noticed some pins listed in the template's main.c and changed those to the exact port/pin combinations I am using, adjusting the unused port settings accordingly. Still, nothing happens when i build and debug (besides the screen seeming to reboot by turning display off then on). The updated code has been put in the original post.
  2. Hey guys! I'm attempting to develop some drivers for an ILI9341-based 320x240, full color LCD display in parallel 8-bit mode (this screen does not have SPI connections). I am using TI's graphics library and template drivers as a starting point. I thought I had what would be a working driver, but after initializing the LCD (it turns off then back on) during debug, all I get is a white background when attempting to run TI's GRLIB example file for the MSP430F5529 (replacing their LCD drivers with my own). I've used about five different versions of the LCD initialization code, none of which wa
  3. @@RobG I've also found the pin definitions for MOSI, MISO, and SCLK. I'm assuming the MOSI and MISO pins go to RD and WR (or vice versa). CS would go to CS, and SCLK would go to RS (different pin from the RESET pin). That would leave RESET and BL_CNT unused, as well as leaving the D0-D15 pins unused. Am I correct in this assumption? I'm working on adjusting the pin definitions in msp.h and config.h in order to fit the layout given in the MSP430F5529 pin layout that comes in the box, but am not having any luck as of yet (white screen... no data to screen). I still have no idea where to connect
  4. That's what I'm seeing. However, I'm trying to get the pinout done. I noticed a couple pin definitions in config.h (for CS and DC). I'm using a 5529LP, but the screen I am using includes D0-D15, RS, CS, RD, WR, and RST, Where exactly is the DC port going to? Do you have the rest of the pin definitions in the code, or do I need to create them myself? Sorry for my ignorance. I'm not as familiar with the Launchpad as I'd like to be.
  5. Nevermind. It would seem that porting is unnecessary. Although the datasheet for the item I purchased lists the LCD controller as an SSD1289.... a device teardown CLEARLY shows that it is using an ILI9341. Gotta love China stuff. The better question would be what exactly needs to be changed between a ILI9341 and an ILI9340?
  6. I'm using the YX32B 3.2" TFT module (China stuff).
  7. Hey Rob, I was just curious as to how difficult it would be to port this (or ugl 8) to be compatible with an SSD1289 display. The libraries I am currently using are not nearly as well commented (and are therefore much more difficult to code for).
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