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  1. Rick - thanks for the gel script mod - works fine with my older board and my new 1294xl!
  2. It absolutely is a PIMP. Downloaded CCS6 beta, the new energia, the Tiva C workbook, skipped to the ethernet project and shazam - I'm on the network in less than 30 minutes including download time. Try that with any other dev board. Sure I could have used the exocite program that came with it but what fun is that? Having started with 8051, pics, and stamps years ago...this is night and day different I have had my eye on the higher end 430 launchpad but for a few dollars more I think I will stick with 430 value line for low end projects, Tiva for midrange, and use a cubieboard or WR7
  3. Just got a tiva c connected launchpad and am hooked. With CCS or Energia it is a PIMP!
  4. thanks for the reply back - I think the arm stuff is so cheap and the new tiva-c is a lot of fun with especially trying to learn lwip as well. but the g2553s keep getting used too.. probably a bad place to bring up mips and all the mods you can do to things in openwrt! Luckily the Mrs lets me have a nice space in the basement for connecting things to things - she just shakes her head sometimes. Hope I can help someone avoid some of the mistakes I have made over the years.
  5. interested in msp430 and all things arm
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