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  1. I checked the pin mapping but everything seems ok. The SPI signals are in the right place... Any ideas also on how I can debug it?
  2. Hi all, I've just tried without success to start the simpleWebServer application. it get stucked in the wifi.begin... any ideas?
  3. Hi spirilis, Unfortunately no since I do not have yet the CC3000 booster pack. I want to buy it but I would like to know before if it works..
  4. Hi all, a quick question to know if the CC3000 booster pack can be connected to the Wolverine launchpad. The second question is concerning Energia and if the examples for the CC3000 booster pack can be used with FRAM Wolverine 'out of the box'. Thank you !!
  5. Could I use Energia in mixed mode : C/C++ , Wiring?
  6. Thank you guys! Then if I got it, I can use a pure C style in energia.. I mean I can use Energia as a C IDE? Can I mix Wiring and C code? Thank you again!!!
  7. Hi All, As a total beginner I would ask the community if it would be possible and how, to create a wireless frequency meter based on the CC3000 booster pack and the new wolvering launchpad (fram). I read couple of document using the counters in capture mode but I would like to know how it would be easy/diffucult to integrate it in Energia.. ?? Thank you to all
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