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  1. I am working on a circuit that drives some 7-seg displays and a relay based on a sensor reading. I have the circuit built and I am powering it with an old variable supply I built in a class. The supply is at 5V when its not loaded and when I connect it, it drops down to about 2V. So I adjusted it up to 5V. My relay clicked on but nothing works on my 7-seg displays. Now I realized that I somehow shorted the msp430s VCC and GND pins together and the same thing for the launchpad which gets really hot when its connect to the usb now. I cant figure out what I did that caused this and I am looking f
  2. Ah, I did not have the pull up resistor on my reset pin. Its been a while since I have played around with this. Thanks!
  3. I have a circuit that drives 3 7-seg digits with some shift registers. I have this build on a breadboard using the pins from the launchpad and everything works fine. I then built the circuit on perfboard with a socket for the msp430. When i put the msp 430 in the ic socket and apply power i get nothing. However, if I connect the launchpad pins to the socket and power the msp430 from usb it works fine. The 7-seg and shift registers are powered from a 5v supply and I am using a mcp1700 to get 3.3v for the msp430. I see the voltage when i probe it but nothing seems to work. Any ideas on what my p
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