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  1. I tested BH1750FVI board for arduino and it works. But there is few things I have to do before It worked. On the board is 3.3V voltage stabilizer, so you must remove it or use 5V from USB and common ground with microprocessor! I make few changes in code. Energia 0014 and Launchpad 1.4 (cross RX TX) with MSP430G2553. Here is my working code: // SDA to PIN 1.7 //SCL to PIN 1.6 //The iic address = 0x23 when ADDR = LOW; address = 0x3C when ADDR = HIGH #include <Wire.h> //BH1750 I2C Mode slave uint16_t Lux=0; void setup() { Wire.begin(); Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { Lux=0;
  2. I built thermocouple measurement board with MAX31850. Anyone, who are programing library for 1-wire reading? Do you have any progress with it? I will be very happy, if you respond me. Thank you very much.
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