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    Please do not misunderstand me Fred, I was not referring to religion. I was simply making a comment about a historical writing concerning a future event. Most people view the Bible as a religious book, and rightly so! However most miss the point that it can also be viewed as a Historical book. It was not my intention to get into any debate about the issue so i will agree to your last line and just leave it at that.
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    Every body has an opinion, and that is ok. The big question is how did someone about two thousand years ago know there would be a device or a mark for the hand?...
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    Looking at it reminds me of something i once read in the Bible. maybe you should give it away?
  4. Thanks for the advice. Currently i have him reading "Getting Started with the MSP430 Launchpad" with Energia. He keeps wanting to go back to ccs. i will keep him on Energia to see how it goes for him.
  5. Yes i mentioned we do use Energia when he gets stuck on another post that i forgot to mention here. He mainly uses CCS as i would prefer, it seems to work well for him most of the time but it is up to me to teach him code and i could sure use lots of help with that as i m mid 50ish and code is a steep learning curve for me. I recently received some books " Programmable Microcontrollers with Applications MSP430 launchpad with CCS and Grace " Great, but not for kids. " Getting started with MSP430 launchpad " a very good book starting with Energia and easy to read. and the last book " C progr
  6. Haaaaaaa, Old guys like me don't like to ask many questions! How nice it is to have a hammer and bug button on your IDE to experience some 1 else's code working in a Flash...
  7. Bill i know how you feel. We too was having a bit of a go, go, and go-around with ccs, but now after some updating it is now working out better for us.
  8. Hello from Thailand. My son and i are trying hard to Learn code he is 10, me 50' i-sh. We have been using Ti CCS, very flexible. We are a multi PC family so we keep CCS v.4 on 1pc, v5 on another, and Energia on both. Energia is simple so we use it when we get hung on CCS, however i want him to learn code on Ti platform. Currently he is working on the 2 servo walking robot from the blog vinu. Unfortunately for my son Vinod wrote the msp430 servo code in assembler language. So far we found part of another servo sweeping code that he has been adjusting to get his robot up and running.
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    Siglent SDS 1152 The Young One will learn Well!
  10. Hello All. We are new to this Blog and thought i would start here. my 10yo has been interested in building Robots over the last few months so i figured it would be a great time to get him started in programming, As i looked around at various micro controllers on the market i chose the Launch pad MSP 430 value line to try and teach him myself. i know little about programming but have been doing electronic hobby some time. I have searched the web for ( teaching the msp 430 aimed at children curriculum) and so far can only find a few areas like Blinky, and Pushy that got him started. So i wa
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