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  1. Ok, thanx for looking, sure I'll try myself. But I'm a noob in MSP and Energia also.
  2. Hi Energia users, I gave energia 15 a try. I'm using Launchpad 1.5 with MSP430G2553 Connected my DOGM162 Display like described in the Sketch. LCD_CSB 13 LCD_RS 12 LCD_RST 11 LCD_SI 15 LCD_SCL 7 No example Code is working for me, I guess it has to do with the Booster setup. My DOGM has the capability to boost the 3.3V to 5V internally with two Capacitors attached. This is Software controlled. In the data sheet (http://www.lcd-module.com/eng/pdf/doma/dog-me.pdf) enabling the boost is done with $55 (booster on, contrast C5, set C4) In the CogLCD/CogLCD.cpp is /* Power Cont
  3. Hi, @RobG: First thank you for sharing your lib and giving answers for new users as well. I'm in the task to get a 1.8" TFT Color 160x132 sd_card display with (ST7735; HY-1.8 SPI) running on msp430g2553 Launchpad 1.5. I'm a bit unsure if I should use the 8bit or 16bit lib. I mean the datasheet of the ST7735 says: I'm tending to use the ugl16 but in your opening posts you wrote ugl8 for the st7735. But clicking of the provided link lead me to the 2.2" Display. Next uncertainty for me is the using of the reset pin and the wiring in common. Would you give me an advice? So,
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