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  1. Thanks a lot, Spirilis! Done and working!. In fact, all the 'hard work' had been done, and the libraries are included for all the 'G2 family and many other micros. Really, it was very easy, so I will try to adapt my 'c' code (based on timer interrupts) to Energia. I believe that it will be less optimal (low power modes and so on), but more clear for the students, being their first approach to a microcontroller.
  2. Hi, Is there an 'easy' way to add a new micro, lets say the msp430G2232, to Energia?. I'm developing a new application that will run in this micro, and I would like to make it in Energia, for showing it to my students, but I don't know how to compile a sketch for a micro non-supported. I guess that I should add a library with the physical addresses of the peripherals and pins, but i really don't know if the effort will be worth. Thanks, DoctorP
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