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  1. Thank you Robert. I can continue to use 16 until the latest version appears. At least I know it isn't something I am doing. John
  2. Hi, I have just installed a copy of Energia 17 on a Win 7 computer. I am trying to use the Launchpad MSP430FR5739. I find that examples with serial port access do not compile. In particular, the example - SerialCallResponseASCII.ino. The log indicates errors in compiling twi_sw_c in the function i2c_sw_init due to undeclared identifiers. I attached a copy of the complete log. Incidentally this does not arise using ver.16 for the msp430FR5739, nor is there any problem with version 17 for the Launchpad MSP430G2553, or the Stellaris board. Needless to say all my old sketches with
  3. I have just installed Energia 17 and find that the offending lines of code are still there.
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