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  1. yes I will try to do some tests with the Ti compiler and/or mspgcc. thank you!
  2. Thank you very much for the useful advice, now I am able to build the project without errors, I only get 2 warning messages that seem not to be too important (??). The bad news is that the code doesn't work. After download and run it, when I push the button (P1.3) the system send the DHCP request but doesn't get success. The strange thing: on the board, the LED named ACT doesn't blink at all! (the others, SPD, LINK, DUP are on). I have tried to disable the DHCP request commenting out the firsts line of code in order to statically set IP address: still I am not able to ping the boar
  3. Actually it's an interesting solution, It becomes even more arduous to choose between a small microcontroller with an easy to learn architecture and a powerful one. TM4C129 Tiva-C Connected Launchpad is a very powerful and very cheap board, of course the microcontroller it's a bit complex to be proposed at young students as example of cpu architecture and I fear that the cpu architecture is too complex to be programmed in assembly. Usually I propose the students to spend some time playing with assembly language in order they can better understand how a cpu works.Maybe it's time to jump ahea
  4. Good Morning, sorry for my question I have just installed CCS v6.0.1.00040 if I use the gcc compiler to compile the "robg-w5500-with-dhcplib" I get the reported error. If instead to use gcc I use the Ti compiler I don't get any error. It seems to be related with the linker script! Please, could you tell me some suggestions in order to fix the problem ? Thank you very much. Paolo **** Build of configuration Debug for project eth_gcc **** "c:\\ti\\ccsv6\\utils\\bin\\gmake" -k all 'Building target: eth_gcc.out' 'Invoking: GNU Linker' "c:/ti/ccsv6/tools/compiler/gcc
  5. Thanks for your fast replay, I am going to have a look at the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad. I have compiled the C code from @RobG using the IAR 5.51.4 code limited version, The web server works fine when I use telnet to mimic an http GET request, in this case the server provides the right response (the xml file); when I use chrome to access at the web server, sometimes I get a strange response (all the xml tag seems to be removed) and this error "net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" appears in the crome console. I will try to install and use CCS. Thank. Paolo
  6. Good Morning, sorry, for this basic question: I am a teacher and I would like start using with the students, msp430g2553 Launchpad + EthernetBoosterPack V3. What is the best solution in terms of development environment under windows (what C compiler)? Does Energia supports EthernetBoosterPack with msp430g2553 ? Thank in advance. Paolo
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