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  1. I recently purchased a Cubietruck/Cubieboard3 (http://cubieboard.org/2013/10/30/cubieboard3-cubietruck-is-all-ready/) and since I want to customize the kernels, I needed a USB to TTL Serial converter at 115200bps. Being a weekend I was too lazy to go out to the electronics hardware market, and since I wanted it immediately I did not want to buy it online. So I felt I should be able to use one of my Stellaris Launchpad boards for this purpose. Here is the code for USB to TTL Serial conversion. A better option would be to code directly in "C" with the USB library in Tivaware/Stellarisware, but t
  2. Well I had similar problems with my ADXL345 module (with 5v to 3.3v regulator). Both with SPI and I2C. First I wrongly connected the 5v supply to the 3.3v rail. So I ended up replacing the IC on the module using solder paste and hot air gun. Then I was not sure if the solder was good or not. After wasting two days with both SPI and I2C, I verified it on my Raspberry Pi and it was detected without any problem. Next I tried it out on my MSP430 board with I2C. No issues there. I've discovered that "Wire.endTransmission()" always returns a zero both on the MSP430 and the Stellaris launchpads. Appa
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