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  1. Thanks for noticing! No reason at all other than I wanted to see if it would break anything. "Learning to build is a process of breaking many things." analogWrite because I wanted the leds to be dim, very dim, very very dim! Besides bright shiny blinky lights - ohhhh look a light... pretty blue blink, blink, blink.... What was I saying... PLUS the added benefit of seeing if the interrupts would have problems running along with the timer interrupts. I haven't made my way though all the core files in \hardware\lm4f\cores\lm4f - so instead of digging and spending time reading source
  2. Since interrupts are going to be a key in my upcoming controller - figured I it would be best to work them out now. First run through with interrupts on the Tiva. Thanks to the pin guide it was really easy to map out what pin I wanted to use. First round of code is using the buttons to simulate input from the external triggers and low and behold it worked on the first try. You really have to love Energia!!! Button 1 triggers as soon as the button is pressed. Button 2 triggers when the button is released. int state1; // keeps track of current led status for button 1 int state2;
  3. Before I go hog wild and start posting; I have a question for the members. Does anyone want to see the code examples? I have four main projects for the Tiva boards. Multi-functional timing trigger for my strobes. Midi sequencer. Synth A bit of DSP just to see what I can do. As this is a new processor for me there is going to be the excitement of discovery when I get something working. I started out as a forth programmer in the embedded world so I have a tendency to write very small test routines to test ideas and feasibility. Maybe this could help out other noobs like me and ke
  4. While waiting on some new MOSFETs for my project and since I have a working compiler I can actually use! Once again Thank You Energia!!! I took one of my "just for fun" programs I like to play around with - calculating Golomb Rulers and did a quick port to the Energia project space. This is a NP-HARD problem. The larger the solution the more terms you must evaluate. I.e. if L = Length of ruler then the number of terms to calculate is (L*(L-1)/2. I know my simple code isnt all that optimized - but Im happy with the performance of this little board. The future seams a bit brighter than i
  5. First thanks to the Delevelopers and Contributors to the Energia project. Without you guys and gals my two Launchpads would have went in the trash last night. I have been fighting the TI CCS for six months and each time I started a new test project it would take days to get the compiler options setup enough to do what I wanted. Even working with GCC was turning out to be a pain - but easier than CCS! I was just about to give up on the Launchpad and go back to other ARM boards when I noticed a comment at hackaday.com referencing Energia. After deciding to work withing the limits and con
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