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  1. I'm using the Launchpad to program a simple program that takes on some values and saves them for later use. I'm using the MSP430 launchpad. I'm using energia for programming the launchpad. It has a Free example for writing to flash. I modified the example to my needs. And i encounterd a problem that is i can only write chars in it not integers. This is the code line for writing" Flash.write(flash, (unsigned char*) "Hello World!" ,13);" And if i exchange the "Hello world!" with an int that is defined i have no compiler errors, but i can't see that int. How can i write the integer using this exa
  2. Eptick

    MSP430G2553 help

    So, it is better to use the ADC10 onboard. Why do i need the op amp? the uC is low power and can take form 0- 3.6 V.Will it still work without the launchpad? Ty all so much for puting up with my dumb questions. What is the tehniqe if i want to write to flash, do i have to write it segment A, B , C, D or can i use a trick and write to the difrent part of the segment?
  3. Eptick

    MSP430G2553 help

    It's expeted for 0-0,8 V So I just started to think with my brain and my logic behind this is that the circuit has a 4mV resolution so 4mV is 1 bit .0,8 V i 800 mV. 800mv/4 is 200 so there will be 200 bit states. So i will be able to write the volatage onto a byte?
  4. Eptick

    MSP430G2553 help

    Ty for a fast reply. I will surely use the button option and try to make the best of what you've advise me to do. Bassicly my project is sending the circuit in space, Stratosphere, and mesuring the voltage. I've decided to use the flash memory and i have found a sample code that uses float values to store data form the ina219, float is 4 bytes so that'sa problem Can i change the float in the code or will that mess with the result? And when i read the values of byte type. Do i just convert it to decimal or do i have to follow an algorythm?
  5. I'm using this microcontroler with the ina219, I want to take voltage from a 20x20 solar cell and store that data. I want to read that data later on. I will take messurments every 5 minutes for 5 hours, Each messurment is stored on the flash. My question is: Will the flash erase the data after i power off the circuit, is using a SD card a good idea, or is this even possible? Thanks upfornt.
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