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  1. I have got this working on the MSPF5529LP simply by adding (__MSP430G2452__) to your launchpad specific line. However if stops my WiFi application working. Do you know if there is a workaround for this, or is it trying to share the same timer? thanks
  2. Thanks for useful replies. I agree that a local box for identification/authentication may well be the answer, and not overly complex or expensive. I will also look further at the Exosite. Incidentally, so far I have found the CC3000 + MRP430F5229 relatively straightforward and reliable, but then I have just spent a whole lot of time trying to use the Roving Networks Wifly, which I found expensive, difficult to set up and very unreliable. (I have also tried zWave, which struggled to communicate from one room to another).
  3. I have been trying to make a F5229 Launchpad and CC3000 work like a Belkin Wemo, in the sense that I could use it to switch appliances such as heaters and lights in my house on and off from a remote web site (or iPhone/Android) without the need for a server within my house. My whole project would use about 20 devices. The problem one immediately faces is getting past the NAT in a domestic router. I have studied subjects such as STUN, TURN & ICE and uPnP and spent rather more time than I should have on failed attempts at UDP Hole punching. This is clearly possible, since the Wemo
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