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  1. Hi, I am sorry. After i check the schematics, it is obvious that P2.0 is not conflicting. I still don't understand why the BCD display shows nothing when connected to Anaren Air. However, to make sure the ports only used by BCD Display, i have disabled the CC2530 by code below (as suggested by Anaren's hardware abstraction layer). P2DIR |= BIT0 // Configure outputs P2SEL = 0; P2SEL2 = 0; P2IFG = 0; P2OUT &= ~(BIT0); // turn off module Unfortunately, i am still unable to turn on the BCD Display. (Again, the code run smoothly when i stack BCD Di
  2. Hi, thank you for the answer. Does it mean i must rewire J1-7/P2.0 pin? Or, could this be done programmatically? I previously thought there is some variable that can control output on A2530 chip.
  3. Hi all, I need to make a display with wireless interface. In this case, i use Anaren AIR CC2530, MSP430 Launchpad Value Line, and BCD Display I have succesfully connected my MSP430 Launchpad with ANAREN AIR. It is less problematic there. The problem is when i try to stack the BCD Display to launchpad (without Anaren AIR). It took me 1 week to notice that i need to remove jumper J5 to make the BCD display work. (The BCD display need P1.6 connector to be connected to the pin, not to the LED). After i make that jumper open, the display is now showing the graphics. Now, i need to stac
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