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  1. I see I bungled the description, so here is a clarification. We have a new gas water heater that uses a thermopile(?) to keep the pilot light actuated. To indicate the pilot light is on, the water heater uses excess thermopile electic energy to blink a light on the control that it is running. Light blinks, pilot light on. Light off, pilot light off. In the rare instance that the pilot light goes off, and the light stops blinking, I want to be notified of this. (Otherwise we have cold water and have to wait an hour to give the kids baths) I want the msp to check that the light is
  2. Hello. This is my first Energia project and one of the first self written pieces of code for a micro controller. The code is a written for a battery powered water heater monitor that blinks a light every few seconds provided the pilot light is on. The process will be to turn on a light sensor, wait to see a light and if on the device will go to sleep until the next time. If no light after a test period, then the device will alarm via a piezo buzzer. The light sensing and piezo circuit are TBD at this point, until the code works. I am using a MSP430 Launchpad v1.5 board and programming
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