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  1. No. It's not my situation. I migrate to stm32 platform.
  2. You right. It's more elegant method, but doesn't resolve non worked SPI It's force me migrate to other board
  3. We have only 6 bits and maximum possible is 0x3F. SPI module working fine - i connect it to arduino and all working fine. It's inside stellaris problem.
  4. 0x7e = 0111 1110 For example for read register 0x14 value i need to send 0x14 = 0001 0100 shift left << 1 0010 1000 mask (AND) with 0111 1110 result is 0010 1000 and last - set first bit to 1 OR with 0x80 1000 0000 we have 1010 1000 <=> mask 1XXXXXX0 it's 0xA8 Something wrong? oops.... i'm first time read this Where is possible read more detailed info about this ?
  5. // Address format:1XXXXXX0 it's a reason why we shift left, set last bit to 0, set first bit 1.
  6. Today i try next steps: 1. Switch off all other functions. 2. Reconnect and reconfigure to pins SSI0_BASE 3. Correct read function to SSIDataPut(OUR_SSI, ((addr<<1)&0x7E) | 0x80); 4. Change SSI speed to 4'000'000 5a. WIth SSI_FRF_MOTO_MODE_0 i receive 5b. With SSI_FRF_MOTO_MODE_3 Result - have nothing
  7. Lyon, Thank you, i will check. On RTC - only simple watch for actual date/time in notifications - it's a home secure system.
  8. Oops... Thank you - it's look like solution. May be i release RTC by simple timer with unix_time. Is it possible count ticks in timer interrupt based on 32KHz RT crystall? Thanks again, hope returned to me.
  9. Hi, I check is this clock setup working by invoke SysCtlClockGet and return 80'000'000. My device can run up to 10MHz, so i can use faster SPI. Are you mean change to mode 3 - Motorola code? So final SPI config may look like SSIConfigSetExpClk(SSI3_BASE, SysCtlClockGet(), SSI_FRF_MOTO_MODE_3, SSI_MODE_MASTER, 5000000, 8); About RTC - when we told about clock speed and they effect to system i initialize RTC via next code: //Realtime Clock and hibernate ROM_SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_HIBERNATE); // clear data HWREG(HIB_CTL) |= HIB_CTL_CLK32EN | HIB_CTL_OSCDRV;
  10. I already use PinMux. My target is receive reply: is trouble with SSI is a well know stallaris problem (or community know about defected series in the market) or it's only my private situation and require only optimize configuration. In errata i found: “Freescale SPI Mode at low SSIClk frequencies can yield data corruption” Description: Data transmitted by the SPI slave may be corrupted when using Freescale SPI Mode 0 at an SSIClk frequency between 0.5 MHz to 1.1 MHz and a system clock frequency of 33 MHz or lower. Workaround: Operate the Freescale SPI Mode 0 at an SSIClk frequen
  11. Lyon, My question about SPI. Doesn't mater what rc522 reply. Important - on command SSIDataPut(SSI3_BASE, 0xBA); logic analyzer show, that stellaris send ZERO.
  12. You right correct sentence ((addr<<1)&0x7E) | 0x80 but i try send directly SSIDataPut(SSI3_BASE, 0xBA); with same result
  13. Yes, sure IAR Workbench 6 Project options windows
  15. I adopt your code in clear C code IAR project by adding wiring.h In my configuration i use pin PB5 void Init_rcswitch(void){ ROM_GPIOPinTypeGPIOInput(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPIO_PIN_5); // configure PIN ROM_GPIOIntTypeSet(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPIO_PIN_5, GPIO_BOTH_EDGES); // invoke on any changes ROM_GPIOPinIntEnable(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPIO_PIN_5); // PB5 IntEnable(INT_GPIOB); //sets the interrupt controller to interrupt on GPIO port B } // our isr handle void recv_PortPin(void){ ROM_GPIOPinIntClear(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, GPIO_PIN_5); .... last string is important
  16. Is anybody has success check functionality on lm4f120? Door sensor has 2262 proc, receiver data pin connected to PB_5 = 2, but no success result
  17. Energia 0101E0012 for Win Stellaris Lanchpad LM4F120 D:\energia\hardware\lm4f\libraries\RemoteSwitchEnergiaPort\RemoteReceiver.cpp: In static member function 'static void RemoteReceiver::interruptHandler()': D:\energia\hardware\lm4f\libraries\RemoteSwitchEnergiaPort\RemoteReceiver.cpp:56:2: error: 'P1IES' was not declared in this scope On fact P1IES is 430 series register, not my
  18. I'm newbie in Energia Possible this question about SPI, but library must cover this. We connect our SPI to base_2 via command SPI.setModule(2); My example - SPI0 - ethernet, SPI2 - RFID. I read source code and can't found mechanism to separation SPI0 & SPI2. Inside all libs i found only SPI.... Think we need add to class constructor pointer to SPI_BASE.
  19. Hello, i'm new user here. How can i download this lib?
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