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  1. Hi everyone. First of all, i am new with msp430 microcontrollers and i have a project that i think it is hard for beginners but i must do it I will take the data from accelerometer and write it to the eeprom. I will use msp430g2230. eeprom and accelerometer both are communicating with SPI. I must sample the data at least 1Hz. I just learned about registers and SPI and worked on msp430ware codes about SPI communication a little bit. Where can i start this project? What are your suggestions and do you know any source related to my project?
  2. Does anyone know how can we program msp430g2230 with launch pad or on a breadboard? I saw a blog about this but I didnt understand the pins configuration. http://mike.saunby.net/2013/07/8-pin-msp430-microcontroller-msp430g2230.html
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