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  1. grahamf72, thanks for your reply. It turned out that the reason was very simple as you suspected: I have earlier played with Stellaris and now I was just verifying the new code without the actual MSP430 Launchpad which will be used for my project... So it's compiling now just fine, thank you
  2. Hi, first of all, thanks for the nice explanation and sorry about for probably very stupid question: but how can I use the LPM function in Energia? I mean it seems that my Energia doesn't recognize LPM4 as any function/command. I have the latest version of Energia installed. I have tried to read other posts related to subject but I really haven't figured out should I copy some file to somewhere or edit something to be able to use function LPM4 for example? I would like to be able to do exactly similar thing which is in the example code above. Thanks already for the clarificati
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