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    PNY90 reacted to grahamf72 in [Energia Library] MSP430 Real Time Clock   
    Attached is my latest version of the Real Time Clock library, adapted from xv4y's original library.  Some significant changes in this version are:
    Now works with both the MSP430G2553 and the MSP430G2452 processors (with some limitations on the 2452). The library may work on other processors, but I don't have any to test with. Rewrite of the logic used to detect the number of days in a month and leap year detection so that it uses considerably less RAM. Option to use the built-in VLO clock. The VLO is much less accurate than the crystal - about the best that can be achieved is accuracy to within a few minutes per day. The advantage of the VLO is that it frees up 2 IO pins, and can be used if you can't solder the tiny crystal to the launchpad. If you don't need a very accurate clock, or have a means of external synchronisation, the VLO may be sufficient for your needs. The #define's that configure the settings of the timer have been moved to a separate RTCconfig.h file, so they are easier to edit without having to edit the main header file. Documentation has been moved from the header file into a separate .txt file. Some example files have been included in the library. Known Limitations:
    Because the MSP430G2452 only has one timer, the RTC library cannot be used in conjunction with other functions that also require the timer. This includes Serial, AnalogWrite, Tone, and possibly some others. Because the MSP430G2452 doesn't have hardware serial, this means that the RTC library and Serial are completely incompatible.
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    PNY90 reacted to Fmilburn in Energia sensor code and library examples   
    I'm attaching a link to github with Energia code examples for various sensors.  I started this as a place to put examples for students in a course I was helping to develop for middle and high school level students using the MSP430F5529.  Unfortunately the course was not held but I'm putting them out there in the hope they might help someone.  Where the code has been tested with other LaunchPads I've noted it.
    Here it is:  https://github.com/fmilburn3?tab=repositories
    You won't find anything sophisticated    but many are at least somewhat unique in that I couldn't find an example for that sensor tailored specifically for the F5529, or I wanted to better document it for beginners.  Essentially all are variants of work done by others, including work on 43oh, and I hope I've recognized the contribution in the code.  There is a wiki associated with some that has the schematic and photographs.  There is some other example code that is almost complete - e.g. using small DC motors and servos and I might add them.  Here is a list of sensors and devices currently out there:
    CNY70 - used as a proximity switch CNY70 - used as a tachometer MCP41010 - digital pot HC-SR04 - distance sensor 3 watt high intensity LED MAX4466 -sound level I2C LCD (4x20) and (2x16) HC-SR501 - PIR movement detection SW-180xxP - vibration sensor Joystick PFatFs - compiles and runs on the F5529 Hall effect rainfall sensor TMP36 - temperature Sharp GPf1S53VJ000F - photo interrupter Using low power modes (LPM) in Energia TCS3200 Color Sensor using MSP432           *** added 8/8/15 DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC) Module         *** added 8/9/15 INA125P Instrumentation Amplifier                *** added 10/9/15 MCP3008 ADC                                            *** added 10/12/15 TLC5615 DAC                                              *** added 11/30/15 dAISy MarineTraffic shore station w/ CC3200  ** added 12/16/15 AD9850 Frequency Generator                        ** added 1/20/16 FFT                                                             ** added 1/20/16 Rotary encoder                                            ** added 1/23/16 W5500 Ethernet                                          ** added 3/25/16 MSP430G2955 pins_energia.h                   ** added 3/25/16 DriverLib examples for F5529                     ** added 8/16 Infrared Transmission                                ** added 12/16 WS2812 LEDs using SPI                          ** added 12/16 Battery measurement                               ** added 1/17 Finite State Machine - alarm system          ** added 2/6/17 Using RTC module with Energia - F5529     ** added 2/24/17 RCWL-0516 "doppler radar microwave motion sensor module"     ** added 6/6/17 Vary time a LED stays lit with potentiometer  ** added 7/8/17
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    PNY90 reacted to Fmilburn in Connecting MSP432 to 1602 LCD via I2C   
    Hello @@Blairo
    A while back I made a 43oh post with Energia examples here:  http://forum.43oh.com/topic/8766-sensor-code-examples/
    Follow the github link to find them.  The one named I2C_LCD has been tested on the MSP432 and should work for you.  However, you will need to do the following:
    Make sure you do level conversion - the LCDs are usually 5V devices The example is for the F5529.  For the MSP432 you need to connect SCL and SDA to pins 9 and 10 respectively.  There is a footnote to this effect in the code The example is for a 4x20 LCD.  If you are using a 2x16 you need to change the variables rows and columns to 2 and 16 respectively. Make sure I2C address is correct for your LCD. Let me know if it works....
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