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  1. Just a thought, why are you using a switch case in your USCI_BO_ISR? If you only care about one or two cases then it would make much more sense to just use a straight if/ else statement as switch statements can take up a lot of time. They are essentially just massive if/else strings, depending on your compiler. So, for example (and again it depends on how a compiler compiles it), if the flag is 0x1e, the code will go through and check each of the values above it before it hits that case. I'm not the best at coding so you may have a reason for doing it, it just jumped out at me.
  2. Hi all, just introducing myself! I was introduced to the msp340 in a computer programming class I am currently finishing up and I can say it has been eye opening. We have gone from the hardware level to assembly programing to higher level C programming. Coming from the arduino its cool to learn just what happens behind the scenes of the compiler/ programmer and realize just how inefficient some programs can be though they look basic in the higher level languages. Anyway, thats my rant, I'm looking forward to posting a recent project of mine here soon. Until then, have a wonderful day!
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