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  1. I just need a schematic to create a layout, it must have a (micro)) USB Port, and it should be programmable via Energia or CodeComposer.
  2. Sure, the simpler the better. What do you recommend?
  3. Ah ok, so that's how I have to connect, don't I? micro USB --> D+ --> HUB_DP1 --> via R32 to TARGET_DP micro USB --> D- --> HUB_DM1 --> via R31 to TARGET_DM And of course the ESD protection. All correct so far?
  4. Do you mean I should replace the MSP4305529 with MSP430F5510? I thought I could remove the ez FET and just use the MSP430F5529 with the TUSB2046BIRHBIRHB for the USB connection. Would that work?
  5. Hi! For my project I want to modify the MPS430-Launchpad (mentioned above). My goal is to minimize the size of the board to 1,5 x 1,5 inches. I know that's small, but I don't need all ports. The ez-Fet lite is just for debugging, right? Is it possible to just remove it in EAGLE from the schematic, because there's no need for debugging in my project? Does the board still work with just the MSP430F5529 and the USB HUB? Finally, the PCB should just have 3 pin strips and the micro-USB. The board should then be powered by a 3V3 input via the pin strips. (And it should work from the USB
  6. Hi! I have already worked with Arduino wuite a lot and I want to use the MSP430 now. Therefor I ordered the MSP-EXP430F5529LP. I have a question regarding the support from Arduino's libraries: I want to drive a DOGS display with the u8glib-Library (maybe some of you know it). Is there any possibility to use this Library with Energia? Copy and Paste into the Library Folder from Energia isn't enough, right? Thanks in advance!! Greets, Max
  7. Hi! I've had a MSP430 Launchpad at home for a while, but now the first problems occur... ;-)
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