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  1. Hi, Touch, thanks for the code, it works. But how can I implement it in 1M Hz. I know how to calculate the appropriate delay cycle for the timing. But how to determine the value of counter? TIMEOUT? in order for it to work in 1MHz? And I also have another problem. I tried by using BIT7, yeah it work perfectly. But when I change to other BIT, be it BIT0, 1,2,3,4,5, or 6, all are not working. Just BIT7 is working. I was scratching my head when this problem pops up and this shouldnt be happened in theory lol. It is really appreciated if you can give some comment
  2. I dont know whether is my problem or not. But I am not able to view it through putty or hyperterminal via UART. Sometimes I can see, and sometimes is not. So, I actually added a LCD to view the values and yes, the codes is working fine. Thanks touch.
  3. In the past I used to program Tiva C Series with CC3000. But CC3000 is no longer manufactured. Is the code the same if cc3100 is used instead of cc3000? Is it neccessary to buy the CC31XXEMUBOOST , if I just want to use cc3100 at the exact same way to use cc3000?
  4. Hello, =) I just bought the CC3000, together with the Tiva C Series Launchpad. I follow the guide line: 1. I downloaded the Patch Programmer for Stellaris LP - LM4F120H5QR, because it does not have Patch Programmer for TM4C123GH6PM.. What I see is only TM4C123GH6PGE.. Is this true? Also, I downloaded the LM flash programmer to load the .bin file to the TIva. 2. Then I downloaded the SDK 1.11 (Windows) and "import the existing ccs eclipse project" for Basic Wifi Application to the CCS. But when I built the files for project "cc3000 spi", there is an error.. -- > gmake: *** No ru
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