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  1. @@RobG Sorry for bumping this up, but somehow I get the error: Where is the function: _delay_cycles defined and why do I get this error? thanks
  2. Would be ace to get some feedback, what you did achieve
  3. Hi, the only thing I want to have from TI: Reasonable International Shipping Costs. I stopped ordering from TI because of this! I don't buy much, so buying from distributors isn't economical for me. I'm avoiding TI products, always looking for alternatives from other Component Manufacturer. This is not only because of the shipping, there are no samples anymore for students (not only when asking directly). I'm not looking to save a penny, I would buy from TI! AND I'm a big fan of their stuff... I made every survey they send out vai email, but then I stopped. Why should I make a survey which i
  4. To my recent problem, the "other" stuff doesn't bother me, because I don't have the parts to test everything out. -> And I got LPM4 working. The display is not the problem, only setting bits. What me really bothers is the Temperature Sensor, MLX90516. This Sensor uses SMBus, I read a bit about it and what I got, I could handle it like a I2C bus? THe clock must be in the given SMBus section. Is this everything? I looked and found some TI SMBus documents, but I don't understand them... When I pay attention to the clock speed, could I se the sensor normal with i2c? From the datashe
  5. Hi, I'm not afraid of failure, but I want to keep down the fails to a minimal. Because I will lose interest in it when it is filled with errors, when it becomes very hard to solve... @@zeke, this is the advice I hoped for, I will get all your points adressed. - I will need a crystal! - about the 4.7uF cap, I have here a demo board, which has this conifg. I'm on it to get it working. and then will see how I do this. - I'm planing on implementing LPM4! (Low Power Mode 4, everything off) - I missed the decoupling/ bypass stuff because I was not aware of this! I added it. - I missed a
  6. Hi,so point 5 is cleared, the msp430 can sense voltage over the vcc pin.
  7. Well, no I didn't. There are more reasons... one: I don't want to stock up on components I after that I don't need... it's smd: I can't get it working with a breadboard. Especially the display, it is smd so I would have to make a extra extension board. And I thought, well there is only the display the sensor and the switch... nothing much complicated. I will add some header pins for the msp430 to access every pin, so if this goes tits up I have a extention board.... But maybe I should breadboard it... But I don't know how to breadboard the smd display...
  8. Hi, I started a new project, which I want to get pcbs made for. This is my first ever own designed circuit and I don't want it to fail or cost me more money because of some stupid errors. See the schematics for the whole thing i created. I have some questions, which I'm not 100% sure I did the correct thing, please feel free to comment and add ideas, I'm new to this... Why did I use a demux? Because I want to display the unit Celsius or Kelvin. 1. The transitors (MMBT3904) are for disabeling the power supply for the demux and the 7 segment displays. Because this will be powere
  9. Hi, How would you or should I connect for example sensors or parts on a mcu (msp430) when saving power is essential? I have a cr2032 batterie, should I connect the sensors directly to the vcc or should the vcc be controlled via the msp430 and a transistor? Cheers
  10. No Idea? Here are some very capable lads, is this not a good idea? to make programming on the run easier`?
  11. Hi, I was thinking of creating a pcb to mount the mcus and have some in circuit jtag adapter for the mps430 on a Raspberry. Should I only use the GIPO headers of the RPi or should I create a circuity to programm the msp430 (maybe other mcus as well). Thanks a lot for your advice
  12. Hi, the problem is the hc-06 bluetooth modul. I tested it a dozen times to connect via de launchpad, no success. Then I ordered a uart usb adapter, no success eighter. THen I flashed a msp430 with the speech controll, I can connect to the hc-06 but when I send via bluetooth consol A or B or f nothing happens. Is there any chance that when I reset the hc-06 modul I changed the baud rate? How to find out? Any advice?
  13. I connected and disconnected a dozen times, nothing. I even connected pin11 (RST) with ground, but the name doesn't change to the old one.
  14. I have connected 2 times, and changed the name. But now I can't connect anymore, is there a trick to reset?
  15. Well, I found it, Hardware Connections. => Here Com3 But I can't connect to the COM3 via Putty, unable to connect; unable to configure serial port. What do now?
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