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  1. Another feature waiting to be implemented. The application doesn't give a lot of info on RAM except total and free. We'll keep you posted when the new version is up with fixes and features.
  2. Originally we considered a plugin to integrate into Eclipse, but some of the functionality we're thinking of is more advanced. Also, we didn't want to depend on having an installation of CCS which can be a problem (Large 1GB+ download and potential issues). It's a standalone application.
  3. Hi Everyone, We'd like to announce a new tool we've developed for those using MSP430 with Code Composer Studio called CCS Map analyzer: http://www.argenox.com/products/ccsmapanalyzer/ This tool is completely free and currently supports Windows XP/7 and potentially Windows 8 (yet to be tested). We've released it since we were constantly being asked by customers about Flash and RAM utilization during development and for years we've seen the lack of tools that make it easy to provide this information. You can quickly see the routines that are taking the most space in Flash, instea
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