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  1. Hello, I am working with MSP430G2553 and i was wondering if there any library to this microcontroller. I have seen the code examples and the registers are modified to do something. I am thinking like high level programming. For instance, libraries for i2c or adc would be ideal for me.




    If you are not in big hurry and you can wait about one week more.

    I have written 2 libraries for I2C on MSP430G2553.

    - one using hardware USCI so lines SDA and SCL are fixed

    - second is fully software I2C so you can use it on any MSP430G2553 ports

      or if you need more than one I2C protocols

    The delay is because I have a lot of work in this week, but in next I will post them on my WIKI. 

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for doing this and for all the documentation you did in your wiki.

    In your memory diagram you show 512 byte Information memory, but it is from addresses 0x01000 to 0x010FF, only 256 bytes. It has been a while since I looked at information memory in the '2553 but I remember it being 4 * 64 bytes.

    Best regards, Bob


    Yes you are totally right, my mistake. In text I have written correctly but in image was error. Now it is fixed.


    How you you download this? It failed when I tried:

    $ svn --username anonymous --password svn_read co https://svn.duchna.pl/msp430_bootloader



    Hi rick. The issue is that you are using user name: 'anonymous', but the user name is same as password: 'svn_read'.

    Therefore the correct command to download it is:


    $ svn --username svn_read --password svn_read co https://svn.duchna.pl/msp430_bootloader


    BTW, not all, but some G2 series chips (2x53, 2x44, and 2x55) do have BSL. See slau319.


    This is right, but my Idea was to be totally independent on any build in functions or features



    I have fixed 3 bugs I found myself.

    The new updated version 1.1 is available and now should be fully working and easy to use.

  3. Hi All !

    I am new in this forum so firstly I would like to say Hello :)


    About half year a go I was looking for MSP430 Bootloader for value line like MSP340G2553, unfortunately I was not able to find anything.

    Now when I entered this forum I see that there ware some works around this topic.


    Nevertheless I would like to share with you my MSP430 Bootloader which I was able to do from scratch using TI datasheets.

    It is not fully tested yet, but with simple "Hello world " program it works.


    Detailed description and svn repository you can find on my WIKI here:



    Please feel free to test it and any comments are welcome. 

    You can post here or add comments on my WIKI (after registration)

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