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  1. You can use as well my bootloader link here: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/6336-msp430-bootloader/
  2. May I kindly ask to add my Wiki as well ? https://daniel.duchna.pl/index.php Thanks in advance!
  3. If you are not in big hurry and you can wait about one week more. I have written 2 libraries for I2C on MSP430G2553. - one using hardware USCI so lines SDA and SCL are fixed - second is fully software I2C so you can use it on any MSP430G2553 ports or if you need more than one I2C protocols The delay is because I have a lot of work in this week, but in next I will post them on my WIKI.
  4. Yes you are totally right, my mistake. In text I have written correctly but in image was error. Now it is fixed. Hi rick. The issue is that you are using user name: 'anonymous', but the user name is same as password: 'svn_read'. Therefore the correct command to download it is: $ svn --username svn_read --password svn_read co https://svn.duchna.pl/msp430_bootloader This is right, but my Idea was to be totally independent on any build in functions or features UPDATE: I have fixed 3 bugs I found myself. The new updated version 1.1 is available and now should be fully
  5. Hi All ! I am new in this forum so firstly I would like to say Hello About half year a go I was looking for MSP430 Bootloader for value line like MSP340G2553, unfortunately I was not able to find anything. Now when I entered this forum I see that there ware some works around this topic. Nevertheless I would like to share with you my MSP430 Bootloader which I was able to do from scratch using TI datasheets. It is not fully tested yet, but with simple "Hello world " program it works. Detailed description and svn repository you can find on my WIKI here: https://daniel.duchna.pl/i
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