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  1. haka

    MSP430 clock

    Hi, thanks for replying. I have a year of practice on 16F84 and 16F876, and many years programming in different langages. Interrupts have no secret for me with PIC16F familly but I didn't read a complete course on MSP430 so I have many gaps on it. So I don't really understand the clock system for the MSP430 and I think that with a proper tutorial I might be able to increase my knowledge on MSP430.
  2. haka

    MSP430 clock

    Hi, I made an application with my msp430G2452 with the timer but the precision is very low and my application witch give minutes have an error after a certain time so I would like to know how to use the external quartz of 32.768kHz in order to improve the precision of the clock. What code to put for an interruption each seconds with the quartz of 32768Hz? I'm not very good with the different clock of the msp430 and I would also like to know more about it with a link to a tutorial or some explanations.
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