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  1. Hi, I am working on the antenna design on my own. But keypad I heard needs at least 4 pins, and display also. I might just go for on and off switch buttons use it like a remote controller for my project. I need a display on one end for sure. I may skip the keypad and just use 2 pins of the micro to have 4 button on the device. I didn't ask anyone to do my homework I think that's wrong kind of thought. I am working on it and I don't think there is anything wrong with asking for some help. Everybody in the class are doing easy and regular projects that have been done a lot of times befor
  2. Hi there guys, Honestly I desperately need help. I need to finish this project in 2 - 3 weeks. My professor and I talked about it and now I am working on a TI Launchpad to learn microcontrollers. Programming is fine but using its peripherals, communicating with environment is something I am working on due to limited tools I have. My project is basically make the G2231 micro controller (or I have G2211 too) be able to communicate with another microcontroller on air. We've talked about the design, making the antenna. I am gonna do an AM receiver and transmitter, use an Op Amp to amplif
  3. Hi, Guys this is amazing. I have been a member of some real good communities (hardware and gaming) where there is always respect, and I am glad this is that kind of place. @MattTheGeek Thanks a lot for the offer. I will send u a PM if you don't mind when I post my problems and questions to the forum's most appropriate category. @bluehash I wouldn't know how good I could get so fast without his tutorials. I'll send him a PM here when I see him. KaziQ
  4. Hi there guys, I am a starter to MSP430 family. I've been programming on Windows for couple of years now (database, some games etc) and knew assembly somehow. I've always had thoughts on how cool stuff I could do by programming microcontrollers with my own circuit designs. Now I am taking intro to circuit class. After a while maybe I'll be expert like some of you guys on this. Now I just need help on the design . I thuoght I could say hi first before I ask for some help. . I hope this is kinda community where people use aliases. I don't mind using my real name but still I registered wi
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