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    It sounds like you are really trying to bite off more than you can chew. Interfacing two micro controllers can be somewhat challenging. Breadboarding a micro controller can be challenging. Can I suggest you start off simply?
    1) Get blink to work on the Launchpad alone. This makes sure that your computer and IDE (Energia or CodeComposer or etc) are set and working properly.
    2) Make sure you can communicate between a terminal window on your computer and the 430. I think the 2452 does not have hardware UART. So depending on how the software UART has its pins configured, you will need the Rx/Tx jumpers in J3 vertically or horizontally. I don't have a 2452 to confirm but this is fairly easy to figure out-- you will be able to communicate in one orientation and not the other.
    3) Once you have blink working on a Launchpad micro controller, take that programmed micro controller and get it to work on a breadboard. You need to supply power and gnd and probably need to keep RST high through a pull-up resistor.
    4) If you want to figure out how to program the chip on the breadboard, this would be a good time to sort that out.
    5) Inter-chip communication can be very challenging. If you are not experienced in programming and working with micro controllers, this will be a rather hard first project. You can try debugging the program on one chip by hooking it up to your computer and sending the appropriate commands/responses through a terminal window. Then debug the other micro controller. Once you have both working, hook them up to each other and then debug them together. And just in case, Tx of one chip goes to Rx of the other.
    Good luck.
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