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    Given that the MSP430F5438 has more FLASH and RAM than the MSP430F149, and the linked app note does use regular IO to communicate with the ethernet controller, the TI example should port well to your environment.
    But yeah, Rob's booster pack is probably the easiest way to go if you're looking for something pre-built.
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    @@RohitGupta idea would be like this:

    Do note, this will only work properly if the sensor and microcontroller grounds are the same.
    The capacitor may not be necessary, but if used should be placed as close to the ADC connection as possible, or at least so I am told.
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    Maximum input voltage to the ADC is the processor's power supply voltage, and should be 3.3v or less. This means you'll need to divide the voltage output from the sensor appropriately. Possibly a resistor divider:

    /- sensor output | 10K resistor | +- ADC input | 10k resistor | \-groundThen you can use 3.0-3.3 Vcc to the MSP to get the internal 2.5v ADC reference voltage. Any returned sample value above 2457 (decimal) should reflect sensor output above 3v, but you may want to raise that higher in case of noise on the sensor output or power supply fluctuations causing false alarms.
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    Just to add when designing voltage dividers use the resistor values pretty high to reduce loading effects and discharging (when sensing battery voltage).. I usually add a 0.1uF cap in parallel to the lower resistor (one whose one end is grounded).. It acts as a good snubber.
    Hope it helps
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