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    Here is some C code I have used to make the sine table for the fix_fft function if I wanted to change the size of the FFT #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #define POINTS 128 #define BITS 16 int main(void) { int n; int a=0; int TF_FLAG=POINTS-POINTS/4; printf("#define N_WAVE %d /* full length of Sinewave[] */\n",POINTS); printf("#define LOG2_N_WAVE %d /* log2(N_WAVE) */\n",(long)log2(POINTS)); printf("/* 3/4 of N_WAVE = %d */\n",TF_FLAG); printf("const int8_t Sinewave[N_WAVE-N_WAVE/4] = {\n"); for (n=0; n<POINTS; n++){ if(n==TF_FLAG){ printf("/*"); } if(a<15){ printf("%d,", (int)floor(0.5 + ((1 << (BITS-1)) - 0.50001) * sin(2 * 3.1415926535897932 / POINTS * n))); a++;} else{ a=0; printf("%d,\n", (int)floor(0.5 + ((1 << (BITS-1)) - 0.50001) * sin(2 * 3.1415926535897932 / POINTS * n))); } } printf("*/"); printf("};\n"); return 0; } You can copy and paste the output into your fix_fft.c file ;-)
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    I know I am excited I wonder if Contiki will load without issues :-)
  3. We are having the same issue as described above.
  4. NickTompkins

    RC522 Library on Stellaris

    The SPI is finally working on the connected launchpad with MOSI/MISO pin swapped. We even have multiple modules working perfect. Thank you for your help! But we haven't figured out the I2C problem yet... But that is unrelated ;-)
  5. NickTompkins

    RC522 Library on Stellaris

    Also on your working example what pins did you change in your code? I am having a rough go of this and I am unsure why.....
  6. NickTompkins

    RC522 Library on Stellaris

    I will give that a go. Also I wonder about having the ability to run 4 of these modules with all the different SPI ports...
  7. NickTompkins

    TM4C129 Connected Launchpad I2C not working

    Reading what he is saying is that he is using 2 Launchpads....
  8. NickTompkins

    TM4C129 Connected Launchpad SPI Working?

    The Barometric Example isn't working it seems on TM4C129.
  9. Has anyone done anything with the SPI on this launchpad? Perhaps an example?
  10. NickTompkins

    RC522 Library on Stellaris

    Awesome Oppa just awesome so I am still in the process to get the RC522 to work on the Connected Launchpad
  11. NickTompkins

    RC522 Library on Stellaris

    So the Tiva Seemed to work with this as far as I could tell yet the connected launchpad could not..... I think we (our little group) will be looking into possible reasons why and in hopes we might be able to tap into some of the experience here on these forums.
  12. Yea what this guy said above :-)
  13. NickTompkins

    RC522 Library on Stellaris

    Or if the Tiva C will work with this?
  14. NickTompkins

    RC522 Library on Stellaris

    We find that this doesnt quite port over well to the Connected Launchpad anyone else run into this problem?
  15. NickTompkins

    Ethernet Booster Pack v3

    Wow rob I think this is exactly what I was looking for.... Is there a way to pull data from your software like perhaps a counting int that is generated from the MCU? I have send you a PM btw....