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  1. Hi, spirillis. I solved the problem. It was a bad Nordic chip on the receiver side. I changed the Nordic chip and everything works fine. Thanks very much for your help.
  2. Thanks for helping, spirilis. I just check the voltage level on the IRQ, it is 0 Volts.
  3. Good day everyone, my name is Chao. I am a new user to the Nordic nrf24l01, msp430 and energia. I am working on a school project, and I am tying to setup RF communications between two MSP430f5529 launchpad suing Nordic chips. I downloaded the library for the Nordic chip, and changed pins on the TX and RX demo to fit the pin configuration for the MSP430f5529. Then upload and run the demo, but I am having problems. I could not get the text "on" and "off" to show up on my receiver side, and the LED doesn't turn on and off. All I got is the text below: Text on TX: Sending packet: ON Enrf24 radi
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