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  1. @@chicken : Actually I have some experience with SMD/BGA soldering, and that's why I asked about DIY kit ;-) If you'd like to share with your spare parts please let me know so we can determine all the necessary costs.
  2. Really impressive project @@chicken ! I live close to the port, so I think I could be able to receive the AIS signal. Did you considered about selling the PCB and parts for building own receiver? If so, I'd be interested for buying a DIY kit.
  3. markf


    Is it possible to port the host program to MSP430FR5739?
  4. markf

    Memory usage

    So if I sum all the values together, and then subtract it from 2048 I'll get how many bytes left. I.e. 2048 - (908+80+17+512) = 2048 - 1517 = 531 bytes free. (1517/2048) * 100 = 74% of memory used.
  5. markf

    Memory usage

    At first I'd like to say hello to all forum members :-) My question is: where I can check the memory usage of program after compilation in IAR Embedded Workbench? Cheers.
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