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  1. Bluehash your the man Thanks for taking the time to help with this. Well now that makes sense! yes I do. I think the first post uses the g2211 I was trying to use a G2201, same specs as G2211 as far as memory goes so how to optimize?
  2. ok changed from 50 to 150 and from 50 to 0x96. error reads: run placement fails for object ".stack", size 0x96 (page 0). Available ranges: RAM size: 0x80 unused: 0x12 max hole: 0x12 music line 0 1303938456021 813 now map file reads: .stack 0 00000000 00000096 FAILED TO ALLOCATE thanks
  3. as per the instructions in the post you sent me to ,I looked up the stack size for my project and it said 50. So I then changed it to 80, didnt work, so I tried 100 and that didnt work either. The map file I posted is for my project with the stack set back to 50. decimal 50 == 0x32 decimal 80 == 0x50 decimal 100 == 0x64 Is this what you were looking for? does mspgcc allocate more stack than ccs? thanks
  4. here it is : ****************************************************************************** MSP430 Evaluation Linker PC v3.3.3 ****************************************************************************** >> Linked Wed Apr 27 12:40:40 2011 OUTPUT FILE NAME: ENTRY POINT SYMBOL: "_c_int00" address: 0000fc80 MEMORY CONFIGURATION name origin length used unused attr fill ---------------------- -------- --------- -------- -------- ---- -------- SFR 00000000 00000010 00000000 00000010 RWIX
  5. thanks bluehash I tried increasing the stack size , to no avail. What exactly am I looking for in the map file? here is what it says for RAM: name origin length used unused attr fill ---------------------- -------- --------- -------- -------- ---- -------- RAM 00000200 00000080 0000006e 00000012 RWIX thanks
  6. Ive been trying to get this to compile with CCS, with no luck. could someone give some advice on what to change? this is the error: run placement fails for object ".stack", size 0x32 (page 0). Available ranges: RAM size: 0x80 unused: 0x12 max hole: 0x12 sofar Ive changed: eint(); changed to _BIS_SR(GIE); //enable interrupts nop(); changed to return dint(); I dont know what this does so I commented it out thanks tim maybe someday when I feel like I have a small grasp on what Im doing with CCS and coding in general Ill give mspgcc a shot.
  7. thanks for the code cool project.
  8. Hi TopHatHAcker Could you post your code for the lcd? Ive been messing around with the same one. Thanks tim
  9. @ gatesphere You should work together with the guy who put this code out, or at least communicate with him. It takes the community to make it stronger.
  10. So Ive managed to get RobG's code to work on the Wintek 1 x 24 Character LCD Display Module that I got awhile ago from Electronic Goldmine for $1.99. Here's the link: http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/p ... ber=G15318 There are only 2 cons so far: 1 It takes 5v to power the display. 2 It takes 4 wires instead of 3. ( you have to toggle the reset pin on the display.) logic seems to work fine at the 3.6v the msp430 puts out. here's the code: /* hex instructions for display setup 0x1C == LCD power control PW 0x14 == Display on/off
  11. I was just thinking about running a cheap lcd I have with a shift register. Thanks for the diagram tim
  12. I received the dso nano ver 2 for christmas . I have nothing but good things to say about it. Im just a beginner with it as well (like all things electronic). The seeed studio forum is a good place to get info. I got the scope and upgraded the firmware (one of the forum members over there completely re-wrote the firmware), then I watched a couple of tutorials on how to use it and have already used it a couple of times, great tool. It figures that I would get the nano ver 2 and they would come out with the quad which looks even better by far. I guess once I use the one I have for a while
  13. according to the data sheet the parts I sampled have 8kb of flash . I'm psyked on the i/o here are the part #s : MSP430G2452IPW20R 20 pin tssop package (smd should be fun) MSP430G2452IN20 20 pin dip package
  14. yea, they have 8kb of flash and more i/o = sweet
  15. I just sampled 4 of the msp430g2452 in 2 different packages. TI said they were back ordered till jan 20th. I need more I/O. woot! 8-)
  16. Don't give up! Everybody had to start somewhere. This forum is an awesome place to begin.
  17. @ simple avr The dip 8 is an attiny 45. the sot 8 is an burr brown opa213 op amp for a headphone amp I made. You cant really see from the picture but the chips are sitting on a sot8 to dip8 breakout I made.
  18. the mummy? which mummy? the movie? timotet is just a play on my full name.
  19. Hi Ive been lurking for a couple weeks and thought I'd join. Thanks for all the info. I have had my launchpad for a couple of weeks, and this site has been great for getting started. thanks again timotet
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