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  1. Thanks blue I had checked out the LMF4. A little pricier than the stm32 board. I like the oled on there and its got alot of cool features. I just cant do the 150. for an eval board , would rather buy a logic analyzer or other tool for my bench.
  2. Ive been playing with my f4 too. I really like this chip and board. I wish TI had a similar arm core development tool in this price range. here is some more info but its for windows. Im running: windows 7 64 bit on my main box and an xp setup on an old laptop I have this seems to work on both of them. You have to down load the appropriate version of eclipse. eclipse for editing codesourcery G++ lite toolchain atollic gdb server for debug. I used these links for info on the toolchain setup: http://shareee.netne.net/wordpress/?p=5 https://sites.google.com/site/stm32disc .
  3. Did you name the main with .cpp when you created your project? Thats how I compiled it with CCSV5. hope this helps
  4. Thanks SugarAddict! Got my lcds and they are killer! Also got the "smile it improves face time note" Oregon to Mass. and back Awesome! thanks again
  5. Ive had this Adafruit Lcd backpack for a while and thought I would get it working with the launchpad. I'm using a sparkfun level converter, and I am powering the LCD via the TP1 port on the launchpad. For the i2c code I used fj604's from here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1037 The code sends characters 2 different ways, one char at a time , and using oPossums tiny printf from here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1732 Maybe someone can use this. The code is attached, its a CCSv5 project. here is my setup here is the backpack. (I added the led for debugging) small video(really impr
  6. Very cool! Thanks for doing all the work. Between you and RobG we can all just plug and play. Sweet!
  7. great job! cool blog too.
  8. I ordered a USB stick from avnet yesterday right after the presentation. They had 46 in stock at that time. I checked the order later in the day and they had 0 stock available. Im really looking forward to the ccsv5 deal. thanks for the tip blue! :clap:
  9. Great job The sound effects make it that much cooler!
  10. Ok I will fix when I get home! thanks this can be removed thanks
  11. So I got the Rigol. It is my first true DSO. Im really happy so far. I played with it a fair amount this weekend, and I went back and forth on weather to do "the hack". So this morning I said WTF! its only money and went for it. Here are the results. before notice model number after notice model number :clap: apparently you can now go down to a 2ns rise time not Rise(2) look at Time 2.000ns anyhow I'm not complaining this should be more than enough for me. if you want to do it check out http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog-speci ... mmy-guide/
  12. this page http://www.geocities.com/dinceraydin/lcd/index.html Has a ton of info on the HD4478 lcd driver IC. He even has a LCD simulator. hope this helps
  13. thanks again for more awesome code!
  14. Ive been waiting for a good deal on this scope. I've been looking at ebay for a used one for awhile, and that just doesnt happen all that often. I just ordered it moments ago! Thanks for the tip.
  15. great work! Is that dark side of the moon playing in the back ground?
  16. timotet

    TI Sample Program

    I changed my email info to the email I have at work which is a .com address. Then I requested the samples again, they took the request then sent me another email saying that before they could send the samples to me there business manager had to give the ok. After that I received no more correspondence. About a week later the samples were at my house. :thumbup:
  17. timotet

    TI Sample Program

    I got the same or very similar from maxim last week. Makes it hard for the hobbyist.
  18. nice work! I think the boards look great.
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