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  1. I think this is the answer you are looking for: http://www.forum.c2kcentral.com/topic/135-c2000-launchpad-gpio-question/
  2. timotet

    Program size

    This is probably obvious but... How do I find the size of my compiled program in CCS? thanks
  3. Here is a Eagle library for a C2000 Booster Pack template. Not tested! Simple straight through board. TIC2000Launchpad.zip
  4. Here are the files for Rob's bit bang code on the Stellaris Launchpad. enjoy LcdStellaris.zip
  5. Cool, thanks for the link!
  6. Thanks Rob, for the boosterpack and the code. I learned alot!!
  7. Very cool, I love the look of tubes!!
  8. @PentiumPC go here and update your firmware http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1793 I use my DSO all the time, quite handy.
  9. This is awesome! I would like to see the other board.
  10. Got mine 2 days ago no shipping update ... It just showed up at my door! thanks again ST!!!
  11. Are there any more of these kits available? I was sleeping and missed out!!!!!
  12. I got hardware SPI working with the Nokia 5110 LCD. I used a GPIO for the chip enable, and an interrupt for bringing CE high after transmission. I've attached the code below and a small graphics library that I put together from various sources on the web. One thing I found confusing was there seems to be no interrupt flag set when the SPITXBUF empties. So in the situation like this one where the Rx of the SPI is not even being used, to get the interrupt to work you still use the Rx ISR. Here is my interpretation: Write data to SPITXBUF data shifts through SPIDAT and is transmitted
  13. early adopter me. I've been here since day one! I have 2 of the stella LP's.
  14. Short on free time? With all the stuff you roll out do you ever sleep? Great work as usual!
  15. MAN! that is sweet nice work cube!!!!
  16. welcome! Do you like Behemoth?
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