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  1. Im using the rev A board with SSI2 and SSI3. I've had no noticable problems. Although I did remove the 0ohm resistors to be able to use the SSI2 port with robGs 2.2" LCD boosterpack. Im using the SSI3 port to talk to bluehash's SD card booster pack. (modified to work with SSI3 port pins). All seems to work as expected.
  2. great job ! congrats on your graduation!
  3. looks great nice work!
  4. Wandered in from the other forums! Hope to have a beagle someday soon, but until then I will watch and learn here. Looking forward to some interesting projects.
  5. @@bluehash Got the sd card boosterpack thanks for the fast shipping!! thanks Tim
  6. @@bluehash never got the email, and when I try to pm you the message doesnt get sent to you it says you cant receive messages.
  7. @@bluehash Are these available without the headers soldered on? thanks Tim
  8. @pentiumpc Don't want to get off topic, but how do you get the cycle count? Nice work on the IMU! thanks Tim
  9. I must say you do very nice work! good job.
  10. Ive been trying to write some code for the above mentioned control stick and I am having a rough go of it. The chip on the stick is aTMX320F28069PNA not the TMS version. I've looked at the errata and there is nothing there to explain the way this thing is working or in this case not working. I don't want to say that its a hardware issue due to the fact that I'm not a pro at this by any means. I am trying to port some code that runs great on my C2000 launch pad to the F28069 device I thought this would be a relatively easy job but no dice , so I'm asking for some help. First off
  11. EZR Just trying to show you the file hiearchy but .... thats for the .cmd file anyway. Sorry about that. I found the lm4f120h5qr.h file in my stellarisWare folder inside the inc folder. hope that helps.
  12. Im glad you got it going EZR, but something is still up with your install if its not seeing the #include lm4f120h5qr.h should be ccsv5 -> ccs_base -> arm -> include All credit for this goes to RobG! I just did a simple port of his existing work. RobG even documents what needs to be done on the 43oh forum. I just put it together and supplied the files!
  13. I dusted off my control stick yesterday . Imported a couple of example projects and setup a template for future projects with it. I was wondering about the contolSuite driver library, and the control stick. My current driver library is for the C2000 launchpad. Is there a driver library for the f28069 ? If there is do I need to set up a new workspace for it and have the library in it? Thanks Tim
  14. you need a terminal program like putty http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/
  15. timotet

    Program size

    Thanks Trey Is there a way to set up the linker to to output the code size to the console after compile?
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