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  1. @@lawrence_jeff, @@Rhys Hi guys and thanks for your work here. I know this is an old thread, but I've got a couple of question's and maybe you have the answers. I've used the supplied code for building an arcade control encoder for a raspberry pie arcade cabinet. The controls consist of 2 classic arcade style joysticks and 14 buttons, 1 joystick and 7 buttons for each player. I've written the device report descriptor to send 2 report ID's 1 for each player. When I plug the encoder into a windows machine it enumerates as a game pad with 2 controllers and everything works as expected. Wh
  2. APA102 Serial addressable LED. https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/LED/APA102C.pdf
  3. great job @@greeeg
  4. Great work thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Very cool project @@greeeg
  6. @@terjeio very nice, I like the pcb printer very much it's so ....cute. I would like to replicate it. Those actuators are not cheap though. Thanks for showing it off!
  7. This looks awesome @@terjeio. I really like diy CNC machines and would like to see your machine. I've machined a couple of 2 sided pcb's and had good luck re-aligning the 2nd side. When I layout the pcb I put in mounting holes for a small fixture I made. Then I bolt the pcb to the fixture run the 1st side, pull the fixture out flip the boad and reload the fixture. It works pretty well. 1st side 2nd side through holes line up pretty well! finished! heres a shot of my robot thanks for posting your project, you've got me thinking about putting a laser on my printer.
  8. Are you absolutely sure the lcd is connected correctly? Are you using the boosterpack @@Rei Vilo used? If not the connections could differ. From the looks of it @@Rei Vilo's library has been proved to work. I would re-check your connections. good luck!
  9. Great idea! Good thing your 1 left over pin was an ADC pin!
  10. Yea the Toyoda is an awesome machine and I wish it was mine. It's a pleasure to run it. It would not be effective as a laser cutter, and your right it wont corner that fast but, its amazing the speed at which some of , most of the newer large CNC's move and corner at.
  11. Oh Yes! We may have something in common there, machining metal while listening to metal! That would be great if the laser could handle it.
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