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  1. I think not much difference between the frequencies 868 and 915. Only the initial setting is important. try to change Radio register settings in the file smartrf_CC110L.h frequency settings for 915Mhz version look in the smartRF file from sportswatch sourcecode. Put registers in to Smart RF Studio, then change crystal frequency from 26Mhz to 27 MHz. And now get the correct parameters. may still need to make changes to the file mrfi_f1f2.c static const uint8_t mrfiLogicalChanTable[] = { 20, 50, 80, 110 };
  2. For communication Chronos Control Center and a RF Access Point uses a standard COM port. USB dongle emulate it. On startup Control Center is looking for com port driver info, and if not found, it displays an error message: To use any USB to TTL converter we can modify surcecode of Control Center OR make small changes(i used CP2102). All that is needed is replace the some text in oem_driver.inf to
  3. I loved the eZ430-Chronos. On the Internet many projects made ??on the basis of this development tool. But one thing I did not like is that you need a computer to manage their programs. And without a computer Chronos watch can not control anything. So I bought Anaren CC110L RF BoosterPack (868 Mhz). But this kit does not work with Chronos. I looked a lot of information and code on this forum and on the internet. But always something was wrong, I did not want to rewrite the SimpliciTi protocol. And finally... I did emulation of RF USB dongle. The project uses the unmodified Chronos Control
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