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  1. Hi, recently I tried to access the ADS1118 library again and noticed that the https://github.com/ewakefield/ADS1118 link (the same that is on the Energia site) is not working anymore.
  2. Ok, I have the latest Energia 0101E0013, but this library is not visible from there. I cannot compile the example because "ADS1118.h: No such file or directory". I found some ADS1118 library under "energia-0101E0013\hardware\c2000\libraries" but even this one does not correspond to the example I'm dealing with. At first glance in the ADS1118.cpp the following line is commented: //#include <msp430g2553.h> and this one is present: #include "F2802x_Device.h" There are other differences as well.
  3. I saw on the Energia web page that there should be a library for ADS1118 - here http://energia.nu/reference/ads1118-thermocouple-boosterpack/. I have a ADS1118 chip and have connected it to MSP430G2553 launchpad. I want to use it with Energia (not CCS). The example shown in the link looks very good but unfortunately I couldn't download the library. How can I use ADS1118 + MSP430G2553 + Energia?
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