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  1. Hi When you received VHF, contact me to help you with connection or you have any question. He, do not worry, I will have for your project; AIS receiver.
  2. Hi Instead of siglal generator you can use ham VHF , on some VHF there is a power selector H, L, EL. Put power selector to EL it is 20mW if not put on low. Instead of antenna instal dummy load resistor; non inductive resistor (carbon) 50 ohm 2W. On hot part connect trimer 100k and 10k to gnd. Small signal you can take from connection between trimer and 10k. Signal you can adjust by trimer.
  3. Hi Jazz thank you so, I am not alone few, but we are here (malo nas je, al nas ima!)
  4. Thank you; roadrunner84 and chicken for link. I must see option how to get item and how to make it. I make ais decoder from link http://www.tekmanoid.com/ais.shtml It work with receiver from outside but not good. Receive nmea one or two time in 1 hour So, when I have some question I will ask on link you mantioned. see you
  5. Hello, my name is Igor. I like to make some Electronic things. My interest is to make AIS receiver. I make something but I am not satisfied. So I find on this site some interesting thing. see you
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