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    Genesisfactor reacted to bluehash in Where can i get CC2650 Sensortag stock firmware to use with devpack?   
    It will be in the ble stack 2 download. All the links are in this blog entry.
    Also..the SensorTag can be reversed back to the default firmware by holding the power + user button for 6 seconds.
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    Genesisfactor got a reaction from larsie in Wrist watch project   
    One of my favorite watches ever was a casio tough solar. If TI, or you , put solar panels around the bezel..wow. A chronos that never died. Plus, it cost as much as the Chronos does regularly.
    A vibrating alarm is REALLY power hungry. a louder speaker would be nice though... NFC would be nice too... There i go again, dreaming...
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    Genesisfactor reacted to Rickta59 in TimerSerial compile error: 'TA0IV_TACCR1' was not declared i   
    In TimerSerial.cpp in the code just before line 205 where you get the error you might replace:

    #ifdef TIMER0_A1_VECTOR

    #if defined(TA0IV) && defined(TA0IV_TACCR1)
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    Genesisfactor got a reaction from energia in Up we go   
    This will DEFINITELY take off. This is amazing. Almost exactly what I've been looking for. only a couple lines of code to blink an LED. All i was asking for. You just made the MSP430 a contender against the Arduino. In 2 hours, I have been able to do more with my MSP430 than i have in the last 11 months, despite going through all the tutorials, GRACE, code stealing from the templates, etc. TI should send you a nice fat check. I know i'll be donating, and this is the first piece of software i ever said that about! get a software serial for the USI based controllers (like for the 2231 and F2012), get those pins straight, and then give us a low powered mode calls (like -- powerMode(LMP1) ), and you just revolutionized the whole game.
    Sorry, i'm really excited. i just made it spin a servo motor and light up LEDs in under an hour. You have have no idea...just...thank you all who helped.
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    Genesisfactor reacted to energia in organization of the pin numbers?   
    Pin numbering is according to the numbering of the header pins on the silk screen. Alternatively you can use predefined pin names:
    P1_0, P1_2 .... P2_5. There are also defines for the LED's and button: RED_LED, GREEN_LED, PUSH2.
    The table below can also be found in the file hardware/msp430/variants/launchpad/pins_energia.h. Link to this file on github: https://github.com/energia/Energia/blob ... _energia.h. Will put this up on the Wiki over the weekend.

    +-\/-+ VCC 1| |20 GND (A0) P1.0 2| |19 XIN *(TXD/RXD) (TA0.0) (A1) P1.1 3| |18 XOUT *(TXD/RXD) (TA0.1) (A2) P1.2 4| |17 TEST (A3) P1.3 5| |16 RST#$ *(TA0.2) (A4) P1.4 6| |15 P1.7 (A7) (SCL) (MISO) depends on chip (TA0.0) (A5) P1.5 7| |14 P1.6 (A6) (TA0.2) (SDA) (MOSI) P2.0 8| |13 P2.5 P2.1 9| |12 P2.4 P2.2 10| |11 P2.3 +----+ *(TA0.2): Only flavors with a comparator have TA0.2 on PIN 6 *(TXD/RXD): TimerSerial: P3 = TXD, P4 = RXD; Hardware Serial: P3 = RXD, P4 = TXD
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    Genesisfactor reacted to GeekDoc in Which to buy: NI USB DAQ or DSO Quad or other?   
    My opinion? (see my sig for cautions) Get a 'real' scope for any serious work. Rigol seems to be a good name DSO at a good price point ($400). I'm sure there are others.
    The coolest 'toy' scope I've found is the XMEGA XProtolab from Gabotronics. They used to advertise here, so be sure to let them know you found them through 43oh. Neat little device that does TONS of functions and fits on a breadboard. Definitely check out their demo video. At $50, it's definitely worth it. It seems they now have a version with a larger screen (Xminilab) for $64 as well.
    I bought the XProtolab to hold me over until I really needed a 'real' scope, and I haven't been disappointed.
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    Genesisfactor reacted to zeke in Which to buy: NI USB DAQ or DSO Quad or other?   
    Don't waste your time and money on those toys. Get a real oscilloscope. A used tektronix from ebay is an acceptable option. I have a Tek 2235 and I've borrowed a Tek TDS210 from a friend.
    When it comes to RF, unless you have kilobux in your bank account, you have to get creative with the test equipment. Here's my favorite RF test set - the IFR 1200S Service Monitor.
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    Genesisfactor reacted to gordon in Launchpad questions on analog/PWM, LVO interrupts, & libs   
    Also check out Gustavo Litovsky's tutorial and if you have some money to burn (worth every penny!), MSP430 Microcontroller Basics.
    Friendly_launchpad is geared towards MSPGCC, and an old version of it too (or it hasn't been updated to newer conventions; either way, not for you). You should stick with EasyMSP, that's the only one (that I know of) actively being developed as well as supporting CSS.
    The general answer would be "depends on the analog device", I guess. You are pulsing it with higher voltages than you want to have in the end, so it could break. Feed it through a cap or something, http://www.diolan.com/articles/dac.html
    Probably an external voltage reference of appropriate value used as Vref then.
    If you overdraw a pin, voltage drops; otherwise not really. Don't overdraw a pin. It's 6mA per pin, 40mA per port or thereabouts (IIRC). The '430 can source (or sink) low amounts of current compared to other microcontrollers. You remember this well or smokes will occur.
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