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  1. Hooray, i'm walking the path of wisdom. I did a fresh reinstall of the app and realized my battery was dying yesterday, and swapped that out too (i should have mentioned it). I think my initial problem was the firmware image had the wrong version on it, crashing the app, as i read others having that problem. Right now, i have downloaded everything that others have...i just don't seem to have the same file others have. I also don't know why my External flash self test is failing. that is new to me. The one thing i can think of is if someone sends me the correct hex file. I'm about to
  2. Okay, so i tried several things with varying degrees of failure. - the 6 second hold, and all it did was reset the device with the same 41 services - I used CCS to flash the device with a sensortag project. I should have checked it was an empty project. Nothing showed up. HOWEVER i could connect the sensortag to the app again without the app crashing! 39 Services, so it was changed. - I tried to flash it via the app back to factory firmware, but it said OAD flashed as the device External FLASH self test failed and it cannot do OAD on this device. The debugger was not connected at t
  3. Thanks so much, bluehash! I'll try it when i get home. Excited to start playing with it again--its been down for a month and i just am getting back to it. Another question: any word on the microphone and accessing it?
  4. I have a new Sensortag 2015, and the update i did to the LCD pack rendered it pretty useless. I want to flash it back to stock. I have CCS and evothings installed. May someone please provide me with the code to flash my Sensortag back to stock? Would really appreciate the assist. Thanks so much!!!
  5. Lost mine somewhere...really want another one. Anyone have a spare?
  6. I happen to have that sensor and am playing with that board. Will read the tutorial and try to reconstruct the experiment with what i have here (about an hour away from home for the weekend). ***EDIT (continually)*** I don't think i have a 10K resistor to play with. It is really interesting that you are getting what seem to be 16 bit results with errors (the 65535). When you used the pull up resistor, you either got high or low, so that didn't help. It seems like the sampling isn't being done correctly. BTW, did you try removing the atmega stuff from the h file?
  7. [2] MSP430 reverse engineering stuff by Travis Goodspeed. Seems to be non functional. Going to site root seems to get a sample page.
  8. It only happens if i read the accelerometer--and happened before i ever opened up the watch. . Sometimes, if i shoot by accel while cycling the menu, it would do it. If i didn't touch it, it would last. I got sick of having to wirelessly reset my watch all the time (or manually as it happened a couple times a day and away from a computer). Actually i opened it up to change the battery, when this whole mess got started lol. do you think it just might be crashing? Maybe i should update the firmware...
  9. okayyyy... well,in short, i was saying that you shouldn't aim for the low end watch market. You should aim higher. like, $150ish range, and compete wiht the pebble. give it an base array of sensors comprobable to the Chronos, and then add the bluetooth for SPP. The claim to fame is an external ports for I2C, which allows you to attach other physical devices. At least that is how I would do it. God, I wish I could program better. And use PAS battery for quick charge, and turn off the display if power too low.
  10. Crap, now its back to that restarting crap. What gives? Does anyone's do that or have a fix for that?
  11. hehe good, cause i was reading that watch project, and looking at the OLED and SD card break out again. I have such ideas...esp since i'm almost done with the RFID project. Estimated time till it gets here?
  12. How hard would it be to integrate and I2c external port or use an OLED display? I wrote you LONNNGGGG message with ideas for your consideration, but then deleted it as this is YOUR project. If you are interested, i'll send it as a PM. What i would say is that the Chronos uses a very simple, and space saving button method of just thin metal that the other buttons press inwards to make contact to complete the circuit. It's definitely a nice design. The other thing is that you can use a small PAS battery, similar to the ones in Electronic Goldmine, and a small voltage regulator, if no
  13. figured it out . There is a spring that goes from the back battery cover to VCC...i but it in the wrong hole. Those things are TINY! :thumbup:
  14. Now that i have both boards, thus, both MCUs. I had tried to include it as an OR statement, and it failed to compile. I made an at ELIF statement, that may not have worked either, as i get no reply from the 2553. What must i do for both MCUs to work? Also, what is necessary to do make the system compatible with other similar MCUs or MSP430s, like the F2012/2013 and the chronos. Very curious...
  15. i wouldn't mind that. Been stuck in Windows land for senior design. need to try out 12.04 anyways...
  16. Basically, for a while, my Chronos 433 just SUCKED. I'd be flicking through the menus and it would reset. This happened especially when i went to the accelerometer. So i went to replace the battery. Idiot me didn't read the directions, and i removed the back half. No problem, right? I slip it back on. Now battery works in it eveb MORE sporadicaly. I plug it in with the emulator, powers on fine. Try it with the battery, nada. The backlight works, so it is getting power. Twice i got it to power on and it faded to black. What should i do? Worse ye, the battery in the watch reads 2.
  17. One of my favorite watches ever was a casio tough solar. If TI, or you , put solar panels around the bezel..wow. A chronos that never died. Plus, it cost as much as the Chronos does regularly. A vibrating alarm is REALLY power hungry. a louder speaker would be nice though... NFC would be nice too... There i go again, dreaming...
  18. the terminal or the lcd one (i missed the $4.30 one by a day :-P) and the SD card breakout. I try to buy if i have cash. Dropped a load on money on MSP430 stuff, as i now have someone who will help me learn the programming to where i don't suck...and Energia and EASYMSP are making their strides.
  19. Thanks guys for the fix. Tested it and it works with the echo back, but with some errors (it didn't print "Hello world" in void setup, but all subsequent communication in the loop worked fine). I understand the reasoning, as TI has moved on and this is older gear now. I will be getting the 1.5 soon (already shipped out) and i understand the overhead issues. I mainly use it for visual diagnostics anyways .
  20. ok, i'll use the Px_x, as self documenting is a really good point and good practice, and i'm not trying to make waves . You guys did awesome. ***Edit*** i just browsed your Closed Issues. Sorry for reopening that sore subject! Honestly didn't know...
  21. When i try the TimerSerial example, on my MSP430 with the 2231, or the 2211, i get this compile error D:\Projects\MSP430 Energia\hardware\msp430\libraries\TimerSerial\TimerSerial.cpp: In static member function 'static void TimerSerial::RxIsr()': D:\Projects\MSP430 Energia\hardware\msp430\libraries\TimerSerial\TimerSerial.cpp:205:16: error: 'TA0IV_TACCR1' was not declared in this scope I downloaded the source on June 1st and did not edit any h files yet. Help?
  22. Yah, i'm feeling start contributing by helping write documentation and tutorials and stuff. I just want to wait until energia returns, have a long talk with him/her/them so i can get a deeper understanding of this while thing and some of the rationale. I'm honestly very VERY impressed and happy. I need to buy an oscilloscope better than my MyDAQ for sure.... I am now editig the h file. I think that the list below is a more universal pin out. It just shifts the pins into ascending input order instead of pin order. This way, we will always KNOW that pinMode(7,OUTPUT) will always make P
  23. This will DEFINITELY take off. This is amazing. Almost exactly what I've been looking for. only a couple lines of code to blink an LED. All i was asking for. You just made the MSP430 a contender against the Arduino. In 2 hours, I have been able to do more with my MSP430 than i have in the last 11 months, despite going through all the tutorials, GRACE, code stealing from the templates, etc. TI should send you a nice fat check. I know i'll be donating, and this is the first piece of software i ever said that about! get a software serial for the USI based controllers (like for the 2231 an
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