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  1. I don't belive so. Pin 6 on J1 can be ADCREF for the G2553 but because of the following, is not implemented on the Tiva LP:




    Page 809-

    " Voltage Reference

    The ADC uses internal signals VREFP and VREFN as references to produce a conversion value from the selected analog input. VREFP is connected to VDDA and VREFN is connected to GNDA, as shown in Figure 13-8."


    So, VREFP and VREFN are within the chip and not brought out. Also, the LP board has VDDA tied to VDD so will always be 3.3v; VDDA tied to GND so will always be 0v.


    Page 851 shows the Voltage Reference Select bit can take two values: 0x0 and 0x1. Ox0 = VDDA and GNDA are the voltage reference for all ADC modules; 0x1 is Reserved. So it may change in the future to allow an alternative reference but for now it's hard-wired unless you build your own board and supply VDDA/GNDA with different voltages... or are real talented and can lift the VDDA pin from the board.

    I get it! hopefully the 12bit ADC instead of 10bit (on 2553) will help. Thanks!


    The TM4C123G has a single reference and therefor the analogReference() function is an empty function to make sure that Sketches that call analogReference() compile.

    I am using Energia 0101E0011, and analogReference() or analogReference(EXTERNAL) or analogReference(INTERNAL) doesn't compile.

    Moreover, SPMU296 lists analog pins as AINx (x = 0 to 11), but the code doesnt compile with it! It compiles with Ax (as used in 2553), but I dont have any idea about the corresponding pins on J3 and J4 column on launchpad.

  2. Hi,
    I am just learning to use TM4C123G launchpad with energia. I wanted to use one of my old codes (which used MSP430G2553) on it. The only problem is that the compiler doesnt allow me to use analogReference. The datasheet of the controller doesnt mention any internal voltage reference.

    Will it be fine if i generate required VREFP on any other GPIO via analogWrite and then connect it with VREFP pin externally?


  3. It was corrected on energia.nu but the reference page that ships with Energia has not been corrected. This page was probably missed when syncing things. Will get it synced for the next release.

    Yeah! I was using the reference docs when I noticed it. Did not notice on the site. Thanks!

  4. Hey there, there is an error on the site in the example of attachInterrupt function.

    the page: http://energia.nu/AttachInterrupt.html


    Tested the code on my MSP430G2 Launchpad.

    The correct code should be:


    volatile int state = HIGH;
    volatile int flag = HIGH;
    int count = 0;
    void setup()
      pinMode(GREEN_LED, OUTPUT);
      digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, state);
        pinMode(PUSH2, INPUT_PULLUP);    //The correction 
      attachInterrupt(PUSH2, blink, FALLING); // Interrupt is fired whenever button is pressed
    void loop()
      digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, state); //LED starts ON
      if(flag) {
        flag = LOW;
    void blink()
      state = !state;
      flag = HIGH;
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