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  1. Issue created here I'm very familiar with PIC programming at assembly level, but I'm at the bottom of a steep learning curve with Energia! Many thanks.
  2. G'day oh 43oh wise ones. Could someone who owns an RC servo please verify this? When I load the code from Examples/Servo/Sweep into my Launchpad v1.5 (with a 2553), the servo jitters with a very regular (~1 second) timing. Notice I kept the example simple by just requesting one angle. The commented out code is a slightly modified version of the Example Servo Sweep code that further demonstrates the issue. Just for reference, Win 7, Energia 0010 or 0011. Turnigy 1258 servo. Also downloaded Energia 0011 on another PC and compiled from there. When the same Examp
  3. Thank you Graham for pointing out that interrupts happen when something changes... I'd forgotten that minor point! Having spent the first part of my learning program with Energia polling buttons, ie looking for LOWs or HIGHs, I see why I got confused. Thanks all.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. In the larger program I'm trying to write this is doing my head in! Functionally though, the interrupts don't work as expected. As I press button 2, I'd expect the interrupt to fire, not when I release it.
  5. Greetings oh far wiser ones than I. Just playing with entering LPM4 modes on a MSP430G2 revision 1.5 LaunchPad. Energia 0010 or 0011 on Win7, with either a 2452 or 2553 chip: Setting the attachInterrupt to LOW triggers on the rising edge instead (or is it on high...?!) And although not defined according to the reference: Setting the attachInterrupt to HIGH triggers on the falling edge instead. Any help or a sanity check would be appreciated! Regards, Paul
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