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  1. I mean how do I send in an 8 bit value for my program. it just needs to be some 8 bit value defined by the user. so what would be the simplest way to achieve that? take this analogy for example. i use a key pad to punch in the value of the required pressure. Now instead of the key pad lets have a computer. and I need to input the value in the computer and the thats where the msp430 takes it reference value from to begin executing the control loop. i hope that was clearer?
  2. @@mbeals ohhh right right!! now that makes sense. No actually for the purposes of my project the sending pressure value will be be a user input. As far as my limited knowledge goes, I was thinking of manually inputting the 8bit value in to the serial monitor and then the code uses that value. But I have a strong feeling now that wont be right. After reading your thorough explanation I think it might not be a good idea to do that. what do you think I should do? what would be the simplest way around this problem? Thanks again!!
  3. @@mbeals Hi thanks for the reply! I think I did not phrase my question properly. See I need to send in a value to the ardriuno that make the pressure say for examply ''10'' where 10 represents 10kgs of pressure and then the control loop in the program compares this reference value to the error and readjusts a linear actuator shaft exerting pressure on the load cell to reach this new pressure value . Now using UART and the serial monitor I know I can send data to the ardiuno. But as far as my knowledge goes this data is in the form of ASCII characters. There are two things I need to do with th
  4. Hi Yosh Thanks for the reply! I am using LCMKD-5kN load cell. But the out put of the load cell is no longer a problem! I think I have that sorted out with a instrumentation amplifier to achieve the complete range available by the adc (0-3.3V). Also the load cell I am using requires an excitation of 5V very precisely how ever like the good folks in the thread have pointed it if the grounds are tied together it should not pose any problems. any ideas on how to convert the sent ascii data to actual numerical values? because see the other half of my project is to send an 8bit pressure value from
  5. Hello! Thanks for all the replies. My sensor output values are from 0-11.101mV (its a load cell) and like some of you have pointed out an op-amp would be required. I have sorted that problem out. Thanks for that. Turns out the load cell being powered by a different power supply isnt a problem as long as the the grounds are tied together and the out put does not exceed 3.3V as @@dubnet pointed out. I have worked out a code for the display as well using the all knowing ''google''. Cant thank you guys enough for your advice. I hope I get good grades now =D Just a quick question on the side. As
  6. Hi guys I would appreciate it if some one could please give me an example code on how we can use the analogReference command?? thanks
  7. Hello! I novice when it comes to programming in general and I would like to ask a question. I am building a project where a sensor has to present some values to the micro controller (Iam using msp430F5529 launchpad). I am using the Energia environment to program and I have gone through the online tutorials available which tell you how to use the adc and have the sensor interact with the micro. But the sensor is attached to the microcontroller power supply in all the circuits. What if the sensor has a separate power supply (say 0-5V) and I want the adc in the micro to convert the analogue valu
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